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Prathap Ramachandra is an internationally acclaimed South Indian Percussionist, having taken his sounds to some of the biggest stages in the world and performed in some of the biggest festivals around the globe.


Born and raised in Bangalore - India, Prathap is deeply rooted in Indian Classical Music, in a genre called Carnatic. He had his initial training from the age of 2 under his brother Prakash Ramachandra, and later advanced training under the guidance of K.N.Krishnamurthy. He was the only student being awarded by the Government of India with a scholarship to pursue training in Ghatam, at the age of ten.

He has been a London based artist for the last 12 years, having developed his musical journey in three main areas -  classical concerts, accompanying some of the best musicians and dancers from India and abroad, cross-cultural collaborations in music and dance, and musical training given to different kinds of students. 

He is specialized in Mridangam, Ghatam, Khanjira and Konnakol.




Versatility in playing different percussion instruments


World Tour 'Life in Progress' with dancer Sylvie Guillem, 2015



Advanced classes for professionals or advanced students

"Last but not least and potentially, a star in his own right was RR Prathap,  who performed a sustained virtuoso section on ghatam, the clay pot.​"

                                                             - MixMagazine

"Accompanied by London’s percussion brothers RN Prakash, playing the Mridangam and Prathap Ramachandra, playing the Ghatam, Jyotsna performed some key songs that highlighted various aspects of Carnatic music. (...) A key highlight for me was the ‘Konnakol solo’; a rare vocal percussion between RN Prakash and PrathanRamachandra, which completely captivated everyone and was welcomed with rapturous applause by the audience. This duet between the two musicians could have almost been described as a ‘Carnatic beatboxing battle’ as they spoke the language of the drums through their vocal performance."

                                                             - Asian Culture Vulture

Museu do Oriente, Lisbon, 2013   
Museu do Oriente, Lisbon, 2013   
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